Dark Fading Chlorophyll (Luxemburg)

Three synchronized slide projections
Dimensions variable
2019 - 2021

Three sinchronized slide projections
Variable dimensions

In 1976 a set of analogue c-prints of Rosa Luxemburg’s herbarium was donated to the International Institute of Social History (IISH) in Amsterdam.

Photographs at the IISH depicted the original herbarium, which is located at Akt Nowych Archivum, in Warsaw. Over time, the photographic copies at the IISH underwent a process known as "dark fading”, which resulted in their chromatic deterioration. Color’s changes, fading and disappearance can be seen in the first two slide projections: one depicts the images that come scanned from the original herbarium in Warsaw, where the color loss is directly associated with the natural withering process of the plants, while in the photographic copies from the IISH in Amsterdam is the color print reproduction itself the one that goes through a color-fading process after being stored in darkness.

A third slide projection shows several sentences picked from Rosa Luxemburg’s letters from prison, in which she reflects on how sunlight (or its absence) affects different aspects of life.

With thanks to the International Institute of Social History in Amsterdam and Akt Nowych Archivum in Warsaw.

Installation view at Nest, The Hague, 2021. Photography by Charlott Markus